“How can our Marching Band, Military Unit or other Performer/Performing Group be in the parade?”

Upcoming Parades

Here are the upcoming parade dates several years out. Parade always rolls at 10AM CST.  Remember, St Patrick's Day itself is always March 17th!

Richard Condon and Judge Joe Keogh

Grand Marshal Richard Condon, Pat Shingleton, Grey Hammett


“It’s probably the best parade of the year as far as we are concerned.”
Bob Baugh 3/15/1998  Advocate

Our 1998 Wearin’ of the Green Grand Marshal was controversial sports radio talk show host Richard Condon. 

Special Thanks
For many years, Jerry Daly worked the early morning line-up route tirelessly. We appreciate all of his hard work.

Mayor-President Tom Ed McHugh and wife, Betty

Fire Fighters

1993 Grand Marshal FireFighters


“High winds buffeted Baton Rouge Saturday as cold Canadian weather expended its visit to the area.”  3/14/1993   Advocate